Monday, January 26, 2009

Darpan (rotates to mirror)

Darpan (rotates to mirror)
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When you read something in Hindi,
do you turn it around in your mind,
and think it through in English?

When you speak in English,
do you think it through in Hindi,
and turn it around in your mind?

Does your mind let you see
what you really are,
when you look in the mirror?

GB #17


  1. i look in the mirror
    and it could induce pride (darpan if you will)
    a reflection my insecurities
    an image if u will
    less than as i would like to be seen

  2. when you look at the mirror
    and see your reflection
    do you reflect
    on this being a case
    of the observer and the observed
    being the same?

  3. I look at my darpan in the mirror
    and sigh in distress
    i can never shake hands with my image
    darn ambience
    when i was right outside in
    he was left inside out
    there was nothing else left to do
    but rub noses as the Eskimos do