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Arun Bhaiyya -- A limerick

Texas ka famous letter writer, our Arun Bhaiya,
He loves to cook large amounts of lobhia,
Eating those greens,
Keeps him full of beans--
But TT: he thinks its a taste worse than ghia!

Arun Kumar used to write an interesting "Letter from Austin" which was quite famous in the early days of the Internet. Even now, his letters to his mailing list "dakghar" are quite interesting and varied in the topics they cover. Now these letters are being recorded as his Facebook notes. This piece was inspired by one of his Facebook notes, where he describes his love for cooking (and eating) lobhia. TeeTee (TT for short) is his son. I hear he is quite a mathematician and a hockey player.

Punya - A nearly Palindromic poem


your palindromes,
the poetry,
ambigrammed symmetry.
An inspiration-
your blog.
Hope you keep up with
your slog.
the perspiration:
programmed asymmetry,
but palindromes!


This was inspired by a blog post by Punya, about an 8th grader who loved his palindromic poetry. The associated facebook page attracted some comments admiring Punya, including a little palindromic poem by me. 

While I am not an 8th grader anymore, I do feel many times that I am still in 12th grade. 
So, I thought of a  
nearly-palindromic poem. 

So near a palindromic poem, yet far from it. The first of its kind. Enjoy. Or not.

Sunil Mittal

A schoolboy, named Sunil Mittal,
What goes through 
his adolescent mind?

Here's a clue:

The movies playing in his brain
and the color of his uniform,
are both the same.

They are Blue!

Sunil is a friend from modern school. This one came up on FB as a comment on a discussion. 

Oxie - A Limerick on Vikas Verma

A post-modern guy, Oxie (alias Vikas),
Is a sophisticated guy, not at all crass,
Ask him how many children—he says: "Tough to keep a tally.
But if you are in Europe, and see kids playing in a gali,
It may be something to do with me, Vikas."

Vikas is no more. He died of a massive heart attack, when he was about 40 years old. He was a friend from my high school. The name Oxie was given to him in his college. 

I wrote this limerick in better times. He was a fun loving guy, and loved making people around him have fun. I will at some point write an obituary. Right now (even after 3-4 years, on 27-4-2011) I am too affected by his death to write much about him. 

Itching for a run anyone? A limerick

Just came back from a 45 min run,
Read MC’s words on running the ton,
Prevent friction; apply lubricant, before you try,
He says: You know where to apply—
So that is why I feel like scratching my buns!

MC is Maneesh Chandra, a school friend. His comments on running inspired this one.

Joy - A limerick

A foodie among foodies: his name is Joy,
Runs for fitness and health—this guy,
Sprints to the kitchen,
And from there to the John,
This keeps him looking like a young boy.

This limerick is on my high school friend Joy Basu. He made this joke about himself in our school newsgroup, and I loved it so much that I made it into a limerick. So its joint work.  

Bhatnagar and Mishra

By Gaurav Bhatnagar 

Bhatnagar and Mishra,
began their collaboration
in Modern High School.
They wrote limericks,
about their friends,
and thought:
That is cool.

As they grew older,
they continued their work
on the CPT Framework.
On using technology
for Math education—
to make learning fun.

Over email they argued,
discussed, wrote
Back and forth,
and finished their Note.

Research in education
Was plenty of fun.
On the one hand they wrote:
Solving math problems—
they are tedious forced marches
through hostile territory;
and, in the very next breath
contradicted themselves
By solving math problems
learners can savour
the joy of mathematical discovery!

Continued to argue,
discuss, gain insights.
Published paper after paper,
books and more—
until they passed
into popular lore.

There were three great educationists
in those times.
One was Mishra,
Another was Bhatnagar,
And the third was called

Santa: A limerick

There was a guy called Santa,
Brought gifts everywhere, even in Atlanta,
But here's the thing,
Nobody heard a thing,
Because he didn't believe in unnecessary Banta.

Good News

Good News from Columbus, Ohio:
While analyzing data, and writing papers,
We found the time to learn some Bio.
A baby, incredible! Soon we'll be changing diapers.
What will the future bring? A Ramanujan,
An enduring genius, delighting a future generation.
A scientist or a writer--winning The Prize?
Or a philosopher (above such things) infinitely wise.
Who knows? Only time will tell.
Meanwhile, back to our theme:
Feel happy, excited; smile, day-dream,
And worry: Will everything go well?
In November, whatever the Stork will bring,
Its already making our hearts sing.

This was written after we found out about Teji's impending arrival. A letter sent home. Obviously had read Vikram Seth's novel around that time.