Friday, April 28, 1995

Good News

Good News from Columbus, Ohio:
While analyzing data, and writing papers,
We found the time to learn some Bio.
A baby, incredible! Soon we'll be changing diapers.
What will the future bring? A Ramanujan,
An enduring genius, delighting a future generation.
A scientist or a writer--winning The Prize?
Or a philosopher (above such things) infinitely wise.
Who knows? Only time will tell.
Meanwhile, back to our theme:
Feel happy, excited; smile, day-dream,
And worry: Will everything go well?
In November, whatever the Stork will bring,
Its already making our hearts sing.

This was written after we found out about Teji's impending arrival. A letter sent home. Obviously had read Vikram Seth's novel around that time.

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Gaurav Bhatnagar said...

Response from Deepas:

My dear Priti and Gaurav ..
Waiting for November-
-to bring glad tidings
-a bundle of Joy:
will it complete-?
-a 'baker's dozen' form 'the third generation
-of "Yugal Sadan " parivaar
(can you list the 'dirty dozen already around ??)

I agree with you,
s/he would be a great fun -
- in juggling numbers
-and eating
-and singing
and FAT ?( better watch out !)

We are full of happiness
and convey our congratulations
.... may all your troubles be "LITTLE ONES"