Ambigram by punyamishra

The scientific training,
teaches how to discover.

The artistic training
teaches how to uncover.

The mathematician uncovers,
only to discover --
new things to uncover.

GB #18 (Also Math Poettary)

Isosceles Triangle

An Isosceles Triangle
looks in the mirror,
and finds itself un-reversed.
"My base angles are equal,"
it says.

Math Poettary #2

Darpan (rotates to mirror)

Darpan (rotates to mirror)
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When you read something in Hindi,
do you turn it around in your mind,
and think it through in English?

When you speak in English,
do you think it through in Hindi,
and turn it around in your mind?

Does your mind let you see
what you really are,
when you look in the mirror?

GB #17


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I may not write very well
but still,
I do write.

I may be confused,
but still,
I do express myself.

I may not have much to say,
but still,
I do say it.

I may not think too deeply,
but still,
I do think.

I am
a Blogger.

GB #16


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Ali said to himself:
"I'm the Greatest".
And for many,
he was 
The Greatest

What do you
tell yourself?

GB #15

Visual Wordplay

Visual Wordplay
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A picture, they say,
is worth a thousand words.

Then what about words,
that are also pictures?

What about
Visual wordplay?


Anand (reflection)

Anand (reflection)
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A nice guy.

Listens to
his opponent's
to read
their mind.

And works his own
with lightening speed.

chess champion.

GB #13

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A love story.

listened patiently,
to every story
through the night.
While the Other
dropped off.

flipped P over,
for ever
and ever.

continues to 
listen patiently --
even though
this P
is never silent.

Gb #12


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Good and Evil,
black and white.

One cannot exist
without the other.

When you remove
the evil,
is good

GB # 11


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Madam I'm Adam.
Could be the first
sentence ever spoken,
the first

It reads the same
front to back
and back to front.
Flip it over,
and still,
its the same.

First ever sentence,
an ambigram.

GB #10


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We are here
to teach what we learn,
and to learn what we teach.

We are here
to learn when we teach,
and teach when we learn.

We are here,
to give what we have,
and take what we can.

GB #9

Teach-Learn (all mixed up)

Teach-Learn (all mixed up)
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Some say that
one teaches best,
what one needs to learn
the most.

Two sides
of the same coin?
Or are they,
one and the same?

GB #8

Ambigram Poettery

I started a series of blog posts with some "poettery" along with Punya Mishra's ambigrams. These are comments on ambigrams he has made over the years. You can find them here.

I call it poettery, because it is the product of my pottering around the poetry format. Really, its not poetry in the sense of the word-- can't really say I don't really understand the sense of the word.

Ambigrams, though, are something that are really interesting, and people interested in math are likely to like them.

You can read Punya's flattered introduction to ambi-poettary here.

Binary Pascal's Triangle

Binary Pascal's Triangle
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"Bit by bit,
I understand,
the triangle of Sierpinski"
says Pascal?

Math Poettary #1