Current Teaching

Teaching in Ashoka (Monsoon Semester 2020)

1. Calculus

2. Introduction to Combinatorics

One of the suggested readings is available for free from Springer

This is "Proofs from the Book" by 

Proofs from THE BOOK (6th ed. 2018) Martin Aigner, Günter M. Ziegler

The following is also available. At present I am not sure if I will refer to it. 

Discrete Mathematics (2003) László Lovász, József Pelikán, Katalin Vesztergombi

3 .Engineering Mathematics II - Probability and Statistics (JNU, School of Engineering)

  • Jan-June, 2020 
  • The class notes (current version) are available.
  • Only final grades are pending. 

1. Vedica Scholars: Click here for teaching site