Engineering Mathematics II - Probability and Statistics

Information Sheet

Textbook(s): (More books may be needed as we go along)
1. Kai Lai Chung, Elementary Probability Theory with Stochastic Processes (3rd edition), Springer Verlag, Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics, 1979; reprinted as Springer International Student Edition. 

This is available on Amazon quite cheaply. 

  1. Sage (Online) : This is a symbolic algebra package we will use for mathematical experiments. The link gives online access.  If you wish to download and install on your machine, go to Sagemath.org. (I have found it useful to download and install it, but it works a little better on Mac than on windows.)
  2. Some commands to try out in Sage

Lecture Notes  Current Version  (After Lecture 1)  

Lecture 1: Jan 14, 2020
Assignment 1 (Due Tuesday January 21, before class)