Mathematics for Biologists, Part 2 (Guest Lectures)

Information Sheet

UPDATE: New assignment submisdion dates.
A3: Ch9, Q 2, 3, Ch 10 (all): Due on Nov 21
A4. Ch 11, 12, 13: Due on Nov 25.
A5. Ch 14, 15 (all problems): Due on Dec 2. 


1. Mathematical Thinking (Current Version)
2. Statistics (Fourth Edition) by David Freedman, Robert Pisani, Roger Purves. Amazon

  1. Desmos : This is a graphing calculator available online for free.
  2. Sage (Online) : This is a symbolic algebra package we will use for mathematical experiments. The link gives online access.  If you wish to download and install on your machine, go to Sagemath.org. (I have found it useful to download and install it, but it works a little better on Mac than on windows.)
  3. Some commands to try out in Sage
Lecture 1. Presentation
Lecture 2Presentation
Lecture 3. Presentation
Lecture 4. (Not presented due to strike): Presentation
Lecture 5Presentation
Lecture 6. (Presented on board on Nov 15) Presentation
Lecture 7Presentation (about 90% covered on Board)

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