Douglas R Hofstadter

Ambigram by punyamishra

Douglas R Hofstadter
sides reversed is
Retdatsfoh R Salgoud
sides reversed is
Douglas R Hofstadter
is one Strange Loop.

Hofstadter wrote
Godel, Escher and Bach:
An eternal golden braid.

A personal review follows.

Four young boys
growing up
the Modern way:
Gaurav and Hartosh,
and GB.

Like other 16 year olds
just focussed on
having fun.

defined for them
by Hofstadter
with wordplay,
Anagrams, Ambigrams,
and paradoxical
self-referential statements.

Many years went by,
in the pursuit of fun,
doing what they please,
each in their own way.

like everyone else,
they grew up
and became serious.

Each in their own way,
they did what
they had to do;
they became what
they had to become:
Consultant, Journalist,
and Manager.

And thats what
they are
in this life.

Their one
and only one

Only one life?

Is it ever
for anyone
to live
just one life?

Memories of
a fun-filled youth
don't just die:
They bring in
A Certain Ambiguity -
and not to forget,

Back to Hofstadter
and the book review.

Just one life
is certainly not enough
for Hofstadter's
Godel, Escher and Bach.

But do not fear.
Perhaps one day
a Gardner will come
to annotate GEB,
and give us a chance,
to figure it all out
in just one life-time.

GB # 27