Thursday, January 08, 2009

A-life (artificial life) II

A-life (artificial life) II
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A Life.
What a life!
It gets further
and further
from itself.
And smaller
and smaller
And dissolves into 

GB #2


Anand said...

A Life mentioned over and over
one is still under
no illusions
that it is an illusion
straight up or upside down
be careful what you put ahead of Life
an A gets you pretense
an X and you are dead !!

Anand said...

All that A Life
why is it
that I dont even have a "B" Life?
all I hear over and over is - Get A Life
and now you tell me
even if i were to turn my life upside down
it would still be the same

Anand said...

The last one i promise (on an extempore roll here :) )
They told me - Get A Life
I did
even turned it over in my mind;
then went and got many A Life's
turned those over too
alas, all for naught
I guess, I will have to make do
with the one I currently lead
artificial even though this one may be too